Nicki Marshal, a marine biologist testing sediment samples, visits an oil rig off the California coast ... but so does an unassuming tourist boat in distress.

Unfortunately, the tourists turn out to be terrorists taking advantage of an area-wide communications blackout resulting from nearby space launches at Vandenberg AFB.

Even worse, Nicki discovers her twin sister is one of the assailants determined to destroy the oil rig at any cost.

With the rig under attack, Nicki uncovers an even more sinister plot involving alien sabotage of our space program, which causes her to form an unsteady alliance against a common enemy.

Caught between terrorists, her sister, and an alien cabal, Nicki fights for survival while figuring out the best way to deliver justice and save our way of life.

The Thing meets The Cave, The Rig is an action thriller set in one location that will rattle your nerves ... and make you think twice about our journey into space.
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