Focus Groupie is a ½ hour sitcom about an idealistic psychology grad student who takes a job with her father's focus group firm in order to prove to her thesis professor, who's also her uncle, that people are naturally good, even though he believes they are driven by opportunity.


Focus Groupie has three main characters – Kate, the psychology student, her father the businessman, and her uncle the professor. Kate's father and uncle have a sibling rivalry that she always gets stuck in the middle of. There are also seven recurring characters and it takes place in a coffee shop and an office.


Each episode involves two focus groups with products ranging from vibrating exercise balls to stress bats.


The first few episodes incorporate a legendary focus group whore list, which contains a golden list of go-to test takers that everyone in the industry wants and Kate's father says he has, which he offers to Kate, but she's adamantly against it ... or is she?


In the pilot, Kate's integrity is put to the test when she's unexpectedly promoted and has to fill a slot with either a bum, who harasses everyone coming into the building, or by using the 'focus group whore' list.


Focus Groupie ... opinion whores wanted ... we pay cash!

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