Donor is an action-thriller that takes place in Chicago and Dallas.


Elena, daughter of a Russian mobster, needs a heart transplant.


Shane, son of a shady politician, is a match but doesn't know it.


Meanwhile, Shane's father casts the deciding vote for a new organ donor law that requires your organs upon death. In exchange, the politician gets a casino license in his district that will be issued to the Russian mob.


Win-win ... especially for the Russian mobster. Not only does he get a casino, but he also gets the increased likelihood that his daughter will find a match.


Time is short, however, and he doesn't have any particular allegiance to the politician, so he goes after his son, Shane, for his heart.


But there's a rival in town – a Mexican drug cartel – that's in a bloodbath with the Russians and what better way to up the ante than to eliminate Elena's potential donor – Shane!


Now Shane has two groups after him: The Russians for his heart and the Mexicans who are trying to spoil their plan.


Caught in the crossfire, Shane is as confused as ever. But figuring out why isn't as important as staying alive!


Donor ... the life you save may not be your own!

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