Cold War is an action-thriller with a female lead that has a ticking time bomb scenario. It takes place in a Chicago suburb and Zurich, Switzerland.


After acquiring the cure for the common cold from an Iranian colleague who was then killed, Dr. Carol McKinley evades a similar fate and brings the vaccine back to the U.S. for analysis.


Unfortunately, Carol was the unwitting accomplice to a diabolical scheme. Instead of the cure, she brought back and helped spread the influenza virus. But Carol is immune and the Iranians must know why, so they kidnap her.


While in captivity, Carol discovers their real plan: perfect the flu and unleash it on Israel. Carol must escape to prevent another holocaust and the ticking time bomb begins...


Aided by a Muslim CIA agent and a moderate imam, Carol delivers justice to the extremists and provides the source for the much needed vaccine.


A cure for the common cold ... with deadly consequences. 

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