ISBN: 9781312106383

Format: eBook

Pages: 252

Age Range: 14 - 18 Years

Identity confirmed ... the government issues your Past Lives Letter the first week of senior year. Just as fingerprints identify us in this life, palm prints track our past lives.


Trenton Locke, on the heels of dealing with the class bully and discovering his best friend is sabotaging his reputation, doesn't rip open his letter like his classmates. He wants to succeed based on the merits of this life, but Uncle Sam knows his past holds the key to preventing a war with China.


Buried deep in Trenton's subconscious is a long lost wormhole theory that could provide access to a distant and life-saving energy mineral. China knows this too and sends their best spy to recruit him. China also understands that Trenton was a powerful Chinese General in a past life - a strong force that protects, yet overpowers him causing blackouts in times of danger.


More importantly, however, unlocking the past means time traveling to the past. If done, Trenton will have to confront his father's mysterious downfall and follow in his treasonous footsteps.


Struggling with questions of allegiance on top of a hunger for self-determination, Trenton runs until the past catches up in the form of a beautiful government agent he thought he knew - his girlfriend.

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