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                     SHANGRI-LA 199

ISBN: 9781329951716

Format: eBook

Pages: 201

Age Range: All

Titan Pharmaceuticals has the key to resolving the world’s depopulation crisis – Project Shangri-La, which will nearly double the lifespan of a healthy human to 199 years.


In the near future, four superpowers cling to their respective hegemony and vie for control of the drug that will stabilize matters long enough to reverse the devastating trend.


Karlson, a successful entrepreneur, is recruited by Poland to infiltrate the American pharmaceutical company and steal the elusive formula. Other agents have tried and failed, falling victim to Mendoza, Titan’s efficient yet brutal security chief. However, Karlson has an advantage the others didn’t possess – his skill as a former Rocket Racing champion.


Karlson must battle his own demons, though. Unfortunately, a life-changing accident not only destroyed his career, but killed the woman he loved and left a host of enemies in its wake.


With a new lady in his life and a restored racing career on track, Karlson plays the cloak-and-dagger game with newfound vigor. Using technology as a vehicle to success, he zeroes in on the target until an unexpected double-agent throws a kink in the works and places him in Mendoza’s crosshairs.


With the stakes raised and Mendoza on his trail, Karlson is forced into a catch-22 that could spell the end not only for him, but also our way of life!



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